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Fungal Nail Treatment

Fungal nails are a common concern for many patients as they are often a difficult nail condition to treat. Fungal nails occur when an opportunistic fungi (microorganism) infects the nails. Some symptoms may include discolouration, thickening, brittleness and debris under the nails.

Onychomycosis occurs in 10% of the general population but is more common in older adults; the prevalence is 20% in those older than 60 years and 50% in those older than 70 years. However many do not seek the appropriate therapy to CURE THE FUNGAL NAIL INFECTION.

It can be frustrating to have to apply the lacquers daily/weekly especially considering it takes at least 3 months to see improvement, given the slow growth of toenails. Furthermore, prescribed oral medications can interact with other drugs and can produce adverse effects making them unsuitable for some people. And Laser treatment can be very expensive, $700-$1000 for single treatment

At Waitakere Foot we offer PACT Nail fungal Therapy (Photodynamic therapy) - ONLY AVAILABLE IN NEW LYNN BRANCH

What is PACT?

PACT is an abbreviation for Photodynamic Antimicrobial Therapy.  Using PACT; bacteria, viruses and fungi can be killed off effectively on skin surfaces and nails without pain. (ONLY AVAILABLE IN NEW LYNN BRANCH)

How does It work?

Micro organisms including bacteria, viruses and fungi all possess a cell wall, whereas typical human cells only have a cell membrane. Upon application of the PACT Fungal Nail Gel, the dye selectively targets the fungal cell walls making them sensitive to light.

The fungal cells can then be destroyed upon exposure to light of a specific wavelength. This results in a chemical reaction that kills targeted cells without harming healthy tissue.

A single PACT nail fungus treatment session will involve the following:

  1. Our Podiatrists will firstly debride and remove all of the infected part of the nail.
  2. A special PACT nail fungus gel is then applied to the nail and left to absorb for 10 minutes. This gel stains the fungal cells making them sensitive to the light emitted by the scientifically tested PACT LED lamp.
  3. The PACT LED light is applied for 9.5 minutes penetrating the nail and destroying the fungal cells.
Is It Safe?

PACT® nail fungus therapy is 100% safe with no known contra-indications. Repeated exposure to the light does not produce any adverse effects. As such, it can be used on patients with Diabetes. Following the PACT® Therapy session, the nail will retain a blue discolouration. However, this will soon disappear after treatment, but in rare cases, may remain for up to one week.

Examples of Fungal Nail Infection (Onychomycosis)

Mild InfectionMild Infection

Medium InfectionMedium Infection

Severe InfectionSevere Infection

Treatment with PACT® Therapy

Before TreatmentBefore Treatment

5 weeks after treatment5 weeks after treatment

Severe Infection11 weeks after treatment

How Long Until It Works?

The sessions are short and effective. However, waiting for the new, healthy nail to grow takes a few months. As everyones nails grow at a slightly different rate, the nail growth is evident at between 3 and 6 months.

How do I get my fungal nails treated with PACT?

Please make an initial appointment with one or our Podiatrists. They will assess and diagnose your toenails and see if your nails are suitable for PACT nail fungus therapy. If your nails are suitable they will explain the treatment process in detail, structure your treatment plan and schedule your PACT nail treatments. **ONLY AVAILABLE IN NEW LYNN BRANCH